Morning Coffee Cup Art

I draw and color on coffee cups and leave them for people to find.
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While sitting at a coffee shop a few days ago, I over heard two elderly ladies chat. One of them said this…

"Coffee shops that sell beer are deceptive. They are a coffee shop! Why would they sell beer?!? It’s like they want immorality to flood their doors! They might as well hang up an ad that says "BEER! Selling sex sing 1910!"

I decided to get their business proposal going! I might ask the employees to hang this up, in hopes those two old ladies decide to come back for another cup ‘O Joe.

Because people are #zombies before they get their morning #coffee

Because I was feeling nostalgic. #InspectorGadget was always incredibly bad and awesome!

#Batman is 75 years old, and he’s STILL one of the best superheroes ever!

July 19, 2014 - I should have made these for 4th of July huh?

#TheLittleMermaid #Simba and the rose that bound #BeautyandtheBeast all on cups. These were all fun, quick little projects.

Hey everyone! Do me a huge favor and help fund this book project! I’ve been hired as the illustrator and the author, Julie Ginos, has poured a lot of work into making this book a reality. It’s about her son and the cute adventures he has with his dad. We have a goal of raising $1,500, which is super obtainable. Any help is appreciated! Reblog this for others to find as well!

- Jimmy Trapp - (The Cup Guy)

Trying to combine Child like fun and #TimBruton

We’re on a mission from God.