Morning Coffee Cup Art

I draw and color on coffee cups and leave them for people to find.
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July 19, 2014 - I should have made these for 4th of July huh?

#TheLittleMermaid #Simba and the rose that bound #BeautyandtheBeast all on cups. These were all fun, quick little projects.

Hey everyone! Do me a huge favor and help fund this book project! I’ve been hired as the illustrator and the author, Julie Ginos, has poured a lot of work into making this book a reality. It’s about her son and the cute adventures he has with his dad. We have a goal of raising $1,500, which is super obtainable. Any help is appreciated! Reblog this for others to find as well!

- Jimmy Trapp - (The Cup Guy)

Trying to combine Child like fun and #TimBruton

We’re on a mission from God.

I don’t do #caricatures, ever! But I wanted to give it a shot. Using myself as #a guineapig is the best way to start.

Asker greenfantern Asks:
Thank you so much for following me! Your work is so awesome!! :D
morningcoffeecupart morningcoffeecupart Said:

Thanks man! Much appriciated!

I’ve really started to get into #popart. And when people flick you off.

#Legos are awesome. I’m not entirely happy how this turned out, but oh well.

#RainbowBright is a classic!