Morning Coffee Cup Art

I draw and color on coffee cups and leave them for people to find. I'm available for hire for illustrative purposes. I do logos, book illustrations, and numerous other artistic endeavors.
Contact me at or to inquire.

Requested cup art by a friend who kicks everyone ass on skates!

One of my favorite video games growing up. #MikeTysons Punch out was my game.

The White Rabbit

My wonderful wife did her own cup art! I love this!

A submission From Vaughn Donahue. Keep the cup art submissions coming!!!

Doctors 1 and 2.

Doctors 1 - 10 on white coffee cups. I’m only allowed to add ten photos, so this post is missing Doctors 1 and 2. Coming in a sec!

All twelve Doctors on coffee cups. This took a bit…

From a former student of mine. He’s going into fifth grade and he’s got a super bright future! I’ll be super proud of him when he’s older and doing great things….What am I saying, I’m ALREADY proud of him.

I forgot to drawon the body of the chicken. So the #SwedishChef finally got his kill.